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International singer songwriter based in the UK.  

Currently specialising in EDM and Trance genre music, available for bespoke compositions and session vocal support.

Sam Vince studied piano as a child which revealed a talent for music.  In her teenage years she transferred her piano skills to electronic keyboards, and there followed a natural progression into singing and song writing.  Sam worked with other musicians as a lead singer at venues in London and across the South Coast of England.

Today, Sam is in demand to collaborate by musicians and producers of EDM and Trance genre from around the world.  Passionate about EDM, she loves to develop a track, so that it is both engaging and full of emotion.  Sam has been working with music producers across Europe, Australia and America.  2013 was also an exciting and productive year with several tracks being marketed by leading record labels.  Her collaboration with Swedish producer Daniel B "Sunseeker" entered the Beatport Top 100 Trance releases in just a few days and stayed strong at a high position in the Charts.  2014 has proved to be a very productive and successful year, her collaboration with Romanian producer Airforlife "I Can't Speak" and UK producer Nightsky "The Innocence of Love" both stayed strong in the Juno and Beatport Charts.  Sam launched "Bridge To Heaven" with producer JP2 and entered the Juno charts at No. 6, climbing to No. 3 and at the same time her track "Over" with producer Lukas Blekaitis, entered the Juno Charts at No. 46.  

The release of "Perfection" (producer Farzam) and "Over" (producer Lukas Blekaitis) - Both tracks received the support from Pedro Del Mar.

Sam has signed with Trance All-Stars Records and will be releasing her track "Will You Stay The Night" in 2015, a collaboration with producer AnotherWorld & Nuaro followed by her next track "One Love" with producer Jan Patrol.

In November 2013, Sam formed a long term musical partnership with Australian producer Darque Kyrstal, together forming DKSV Music.  They released in 2014, "Take Me Home", a great track for the club scene, followed by a European House Track "Light A Fire" which reached No. 1 on European House music, staying at the No. 1 position for many weeks!  "Shine On" and "An Angel Knows My Name" are due for release in 2015.

Sam is signed with Trance All-Stars Records, Redux Recordings, Club G Music, Soul Waves Music, Gravity Tunes and EWR Records.

Latest work

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