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Andy Groove - The Knot

Darque Krystal - The Rules of Love (Radio Edit)

Airforlife - Summer Love 

 Farzam - Perfection 

DJ Michael Angello - Do Ya! 

DKSV - Light a Fire Mr Hehom Vocal Mix

JP2 A Bridge To Heaven

Airforlife – Summer Love

Lukas Blekaitis – Own Me

Lukas Blekaitis – Over

Hands Eleven – TORN

DKSV – Shine On (Easy listening mix)

DKSV – Take Me Home Airforlife Remix

DJ Ultimate Bass – Je Pense A Toi

DKSV – An Angel Knows My Name

Airforlife – Falling

Nightsky – The Innocence of Love

Mr Hehon – I Hold The Power

Nick Dacosta – No One To Love Me

Airforlife - I Can't Speek

My collaboration with Aifrolife on this fantastic track, called "I Can't Speak". Out now with Club G Records.  

Have you ever felt lost and lonely, felt that there's no one for you and understands you?  I Can't Speak is a powerful, emotional track that speaks for itself........

Uplifting Progressive Trance - Daniel B Official Ft. Sam Vince - "Sunseeker" Coming soon on Club G Music.

The perfect summer track.  "Sunseeker" - She's drifting away, dreaming in the summer sun, she's in the perfect moment, she asks herself in her dream where does the sun go down, so that she can find it again

Here's a quick preview of my upcoming track with Darque Krystal from Australia. This track is definitely for the clubs!! The full version will shortly be on Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy. Thanks. Sam and Darque Krystal.

X2Sound Ft. Sam Vince - Night Falls - Club G Records

X2Sound Ft. Sam Vince, our track "Confusion" out now on Transeport Records.

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